I will meet you at the driving lesson test centre or at your home if you’re not comfortable driving on your own or if you don’t have a fully licensed driver to accompany you to the test centre. Please keep in mind the driving lesson / pretest driving lessons starts when we begin driving from your home and extra time needed to finish there at the end of the allocated time.

I will take the role as the driver tester and explain to you what will happen on the day of your test. I will use the same sheet that the driver test will use to assess your driving ability.

Before you start your test you will be asked about how to check various levels under the bonnet.


I will make sure you can open the bonnet of your car and secure it safely and explain how to check or point out the:

a) brake fluid
b) engine coolant
c) power-steering fluid (if any) 
d) engine oil 
e) windscreen washer fluid.

I will then ask you how to check the level of oil in the car using the dipstick and if not I’ll explain it to you and ask you to repeat it back to me for practice.

I will then look at your tax, insurance and NCT disc if any making sure they are valid and not out of date. If one of them is out of date or missing your test will not be conducted.

For example if you insure your car on the internet you will need the new insurance disc before you can do your test. A confirmation letter as proof of your insurance renewal is not enough and is the same for your tax and NCT. They must all be present and up to date on the day of your test.

I will check that all of your indicators front and back and both brake lights on the left and right are in working order. If one of your indicators or brake lights is not working, your test will not be conducted unless you’ve a replacement bulb and able to change it within a few minutes.

I’ll make sure that your tyres are in good condition and safe to drive by checking:

a) They are the correct pressure (not over or under-inflated) 
b) Each tyre is above the legal minimum thread depth of 1.6mm
c) There are no rips, bulges or tears in any of your tyres.

If the driver tester feels that your tyres are not in good condition or safe to drive, again the test will not be carried out.

I'll then check your provisional licence or learner permit. The test will not be conducted if

a) You lost or forgot to bring your licence
b) Your licence is out of date
c) Your licence is for the wrong category of vehicle
d) You've not held if for a FULL six months from the date it was issued
e) Your photo accompanies the permit

I will ask you to operate some of the secondary controls in your vehicle i.e hazard lights, rear/front demisters, temperature control, fan, front/rear wind-screen wipers, dipped headlights, full beam and how to dip headlights, operation of rear fog light and front (if fitted), horn and spray water on windscreen if required.

I then take the role of the driver tester & give you a pre-test on an exact test route for Raheny or Finglas and include all manoeuvres:
Reverse around a corner, turnabout, hill start and all hand signals as part of the test.

If too many mistakes are recorded and I feel that a verbal explanation of your faults and areas to work on will not of full benefit to you I'll do a TEST STANDARD DEMONSTRATION DRIVE WITH FULL COMMENTARY. This is where I'll tell you where and when you made your mistakes and point out your bad habits so you can take notes on areas that you need to improve on. 
With the time we have left we will work on the areas of your driving that need the largest improvement so that you can practice in your own time i.e reverse/turnabout manoeuvres.

I will give you a full list of “RULES OF THE ROAD QUESTIONS” and also mark the most popular questions you'll be asked.



We will go through and highlight the sections of the first pre-test where the most faults were recorded. I will then coach around all routes and areas for the particular test centre to become familiar with the whole testing zone. As I do this I will point out what the driver tester will expect you to do as I call out instructions to you. At any point during this or the previous lessons there is always the opportunity to ask questions to help you understand how to pass the driving test.

In the time we have left we can work on the most hazardous junctions and areas that may cause you the most difficulty during the test or again to practice any of the manoeuvres.


MOCK DRIVING TEST DRIVING LESSON / Pretest Driving Lesson Dublin - 1 HOUR

This is where I take the role of the tester and is normally done the hour before your test depending on the time. It is not a driving lesson and I will not be helping you. I simply instruct you where to drive creating the same test conditions and using the same manner and language as the tester. Any mistakes will be marked accordingly using the pre-test sheet. Any marks recorded will be explained in full so that you will remember them and not make the same mistake on your actual driving test. I will be using a full complete test route and will try and pick the same one you will be on for your driving test.

It will include:

· Mechanical check (as above) and checking the indicators and brake lights
· Asking you to operate the secondary controls (as above)
· Reverse around a corner to the left
· Turnabout manoeuvre
· Hand signals
· Moving off from a hill.

Don’t worry if you fail this because I guarantee you will not repeat the mistakes you made on the final pre-test thus increasing your chances of passing. I will mark your faults harder or at least just as hard as the driver tester. If you’re having problems with any areas we will correct them as best we can during this hour. The pre-test will last the same length of time as the driving test, up to 35 minutes. We will make sure the car is parked in the best position possible before you start. The last few minutes will be spent going through the questions on the rules of the road and the road signs so you will not lose marks for getting them wrong. I will give you any last minute tips to keep in mind as we wait to be called and will try to make sure you’re as calm as possible plus confident of passing. Book you Pretest Driving Lessons in Dublin today!



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