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Grades of Faults

Grade 1: (GREEN BOX) 
MINOR fault or warning fault which means it will not affect your result. Its purpose is to point out there is room for improvement in regard to the the fault in question.

Grade 2: (BLUE BOX) 
More Serious fault. You can get a maximum or 8 Grade 2 marks throughout the whole sheet. A Grade 2 fault means it is more serious than a Grade 1 and you cannot get too many in the same section. An example of a Grade 2 is not checking over your right shoulder (blindspot) when moving off. 


If you get 9 or more �Grade 2�s� you�ll FAIL the driving test.

If you get 4 �Grade 2�s� for the same fault i.e clutch, you�ll fail for improper use of the clutch.

If you get 6 or more �Grade 2�s� under the SAME SECTION i.e Observation, your observation is not at test standard.

Grade 3 (PINK BOX)
A single Grade 3 is given where there�s danger or potential for danger to other road users and is an instant FAIL of your driving test i.e not stopping at a stop sign. If you get a Grade 3 fault the test will continue around the full route unless you continue to get more Grade 3 faults. The driver tester will shorten the route but will not tell you that you�ve failed until you�re back inside the test centre. You�re entitled to get a full test report on other aspects of your driving particularly if the Grade 3 happened at the beginning of your test.


I give you feedback on how you performed and explain the aspects of your driving that are good and other areas that you need more practice on. I�ll then explain using diagrams every single fault to you after your first pre-test. If you don�t get any feedback after your actual test particularly when you ask the driver tester for feedback, email the RSA with your complaint at: 

[email protected]


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