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It’s a major achievement when you pass your Road Safety Authority (RSA) driving test. Well done and congratulations, all that time spent with your driving instructor has finally paid off, you are now qualified to drive on any road alone, and that includes motorway driving at speeds of up to 100km/h.

This transition can be a massive shock to some drivers. If you have no experience of driving on a motorway but your job, residential location, or lifestyle means you will need to drive on a fast-flowing highway at some point, why not consider having a few additional motorway driving lessons?

At present, there is no requirement in Ireland to complete any kind of formal training on motorways before or after your driving test. Worryingly, you hear of incidents and accidents on the motorway network nearly every day, many of which could be prevented with professional driver training through an approved school of motoring.

Be fully prepared for motorway driving

Crashes and accidents do not just happen! Most are caused by human error and poor driver judgement, life moves quickly when you travel at high speed.

Feeling confident about motorway driving can make all the difference. You will feel less nervous after a two-hour session with SAFETY 1ST DRIVING SCHOOL, we will give you the confidence you need to keep yourself, your passengers and all other road users SAFE AND ACCIDENT FREE.

All of our affordable motorway driving lessons are available to holders of FULL and VALID DRIVING LICENCES and can be completed in my driving school car or in your own car if you prefer.

Helping to make you a safer motorway driver

For a very reasonable €80 for two hours of motorway tuition, we will train you and teach you to become a safe, responsible driver, covering all of these basics:
• Confidence and experience at high speeds
• Motorway signs and road works
• Use of gears for greater performance and fuel economy
• Joining and leaving a motorway
• Correct observation when changing lanes
• Safe speed and braking distance using the two-second rule
• Anticipating what other drivers may do – lane changing without indicating etc
• Tailgaters and how to deal with them
• Lane discipline
• Planning your journey
• Adverse weather conditions
• Driver fatigue and use of hard shoulder

With expert tuition from SAFETY 1ST, you no longer have to worry about motorway driving, whether you have just passed your test or simply need a few refresher lessons, we’re here to help.
Call today to book a two-hour lesson motorway lesson with an RSA approved and highly experienced ADI instructor on 0861 955 381, or leave a message in our contact form.


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