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Dear Ian Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in passing my recent driving test on first attempt at Raheny test centre. Since receiving only 4 weeks notice of my upcoming test I knew we had our work cut out for us.... having learned to drive a number of years ago, I had plenty of bad habits that needed rectifying. Your approach was intuitive, firstly identifying my current driving ability then coaching to rectify faults...... this instruction allowed us to tailor the exact type of instruction that was required & making optimum use of the limited instruction time available. On the test day I was happy with my confidence level albeit nervous I believed I had the confidence required to pass first time. Big Thanks to you Ian. Andrew O'Donoghue
I took four hours of lesson from Ian. Before taking the lesson, I was having the feeling that I won't pass the exam. But every little tips he gave me were very much helpful and made me at ease. Thank God....I passed the test in the first attempt in Finglas. My driving was spoiled with all the bad habits but he gave me insights in to all of these. He won't lose his temper even if you make any mistake. If you make a note on all the advises and tips on your bad habits, definitely you will pass. A lesson from him just before your test is highly recommended. Sherrin Thomas
After spending a lot of time and money with another instructor (from reputable driving school), I failed my first test in Finglas. After that I was lucky enough to find Ian from Safety 1st who helped me to pass my second test in Finglas with almost clean sheet after just 4 lessons with him in his driving school car. Ian is a very professional, patient instructor who adapts to your style of learning. Thank you again, Ian for your invaluable lessons. I will be recommending you to all of my friends. Ivan Zayats
I recently passed my driving test on the 12th December 2011 in Raheny. One main reason I passed my driving test was because I had a really good driving instructor. His name is Ian. I had 5 lessons with Ian and he really helped me to improve my knowledge of the road and of my car. He was very helpful and understanding with me. The day of my test, i had my final lesson with him, and he offered me some words of encouragement, this settled my nerves and I passed my test.Cheers Ian. Ronan Dannaher
I just passed my test today in Raheny and its all because of Ian. I had lessons before with another instructor and I felt very unprepared for my first exam. Obviously I failed but I was blaming myself for it because, as I thought, the rules of the road are the same, so would be the instructors (i mean, how could they teach different things if they all obey the same rules) ... I couldn’t be more wrong...they all have different methods but unfortunatelly some of them are not as good as the others. I took only 3 hours with Ian and he made me understand what I was doing wrong. In such a great way he explained and demonstrated all of my mistakes (thats the part I really appreciated the most) I was driving for 40 mins and after that Ian drove exactly the same route showing me how it should be done properly and where I made mistakes...as simple as it sounds, its extremely helpful, but not many instructors are doing it as far as I know. Also Ian showed me a few things which made me much more prepared, and even more importantly, confident about my test. He explained the what tester is expecting from me, and what to watch out for. I can’t thank him enough!!! To anyone looking for a great instructor, you are on right website! Best of luck ! Monika Mak
I had 5 lessons with Ian. He was excellent. Very helpful and patient. I felt confident doing my test after my lessons with him and I passed first time in his car in Finglas. I would definitely recommend Ian to any of my friends who need lessons or pre tests. Jonathan McDunphy
After only 3 lessons with Ian, I passed my driving test first time in Raheny. Ian was very helpful and patient, giving me invaluable tips on how to succeed in the test and how to improve on my driving. He taught me things that not only helped me pass the test itself but real world tips that have given me so much more confidence on the road today. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who wants results, he is very thorough and professional. Thanks again Ian for helping me to pass! Ottis Kelleghan
I failed more than one driving test in my time (I won´t say how many!), before Ian helped me pass in Raheny on the 26th March, 2012 - just two Grade 2´s: far less than I was getting before. I actually came across him because I was struck by the things he said on his website about the bad habits of certain instructors, including car-sharing, something which happened to me with one pretty poor ´instructor´ I had had in the past. I booked lessons with Ian, and, thanks to his approach to teaching, my driving improved 100%. He gives great advice when you´ve done something wrong, and just as importantly, tells you when you´ve done something right (after all, how else will you know to do the right thing in the future if the instructor doesn´t tell you). As for the pre-test, Ian was incredibly encouraging and positive and calmed my nerves, while leaving me in no doubt what I needed to do to pass. I would certainly recommend Ian for those of you apprehensive about the test - he´ll show you the right approach to the test, and carry this approach into your general driving. Ciaran Colley
I have just finished my 10th driving lesson with Ian, and have applied for my full licence test. I don´t have a car to practice in so I am depending solely on these lessons. Ian was absaloutely brilliant. He was very patient, calm and helpful. He is very easy going and relaxed which I think is the reason I picked up driving as I would have been a bundle of nerves otherwise. He made everything very easy to understand and links everything together which is brilliant. I would strongly recommened him if you want to pass your test first time, and learn how to drive safely and correctly. Prices are brilliant also and well worth it. I would 100% recommened getting lessons from him, it is definately worth it. Lucy Travers
Hi Ian. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I managed to pass my test today in Raheny with one grade 2 fault after only 3 lessons. I will be recommending you to anyone I know sitting their test. Your thorough and focused approach ensured I was very well prepared and confident before sitting the test. Jonathan Moroney



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